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Well..... I loaded my MHP tune and all I can say is HOLY SCHIKES!! What a nice difference compared to the canned tunes. 1st to 2nd is a flippin rocket and 2nd to 3rd keeps getting better. Been out since I loaded it at 3pm and my final run was the best
2nd to 3rd. Snappy just like 1st to 2nd. Everyone running canned tunes..... you gotta hook up. You think the canned tunes are fun? Just wait. It's not so much the full throttle thats sweet, but the all around in town driving that's nice. 65mph roll ons are just smoother and tip in throttle response is better. Thanks ANDY and MH.... you guys are the poo!

FWIW.... I want part of the "group buy".
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I can personally say that Andy is the most sincere, honest and generous person I know.
I can honestly believe that he would give me the shirt off his back if I needed it.
Some people can't take the brutally honest answers that he gives, but you will never see him stick his neck out for something that is not true or that he cannot deliver. I have known him for for over fifteen years and he has never been anything but upfront and truthful, feelings be damned- he tells it the way it is.
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That MH can do, but they also know there $hit. MH may be confrontational on here with some, but they do so in the best interest of all of us and getting through the BS. If it were not for people like them, we would be getting worked over by people like GSM and FLA. Oh wait, I did get fked by FLA. However, they are not a performance company and they were not here when they were slinging their crap around. Could have used you MH on that one.
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Dear MHP, I am new to the JEEP SRT8 realm, however I have been around the block a few times with performance parts when I had my Cobra. I recently found your site on Google, and was surprised to see what is available for these rigs. I purchased an exhaust system, CAI, tune, and have a quote into you for a supercharger. I wish you the best in what you are doing for the enthusiasts like me, and the honest deliverables you have provided me and my friends.
Keep it up!

Regards, Johnny
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Got a CMR tune from Andy and Dave - great improvement!
I posted a message a couple weeks ago about lag during hard acceleration. Andy responded and said he could get rid of that and make some more improvements. Well, he was right!
By the way - I did it in my Mac too! (running Windows XP and Parallels Desktop).
I highly recommend this tune!
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Modern Horsepower's Staff has worked with me for several months as well back and forth. Not because I had a bad tune, just cause he/we have been trying to get every last HP we can find.
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