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The below are answers to common questions that MHP receives from consumer and forum participants.
Does Modern Horsepower install?
  Yes, Modern Horsepower has partnered with Automotive Specialists from around the world that are trained and qualified to install our performance tuning and aftermarket performance parts. Please use our Contact page to email MHP regarding what tuning upgrades or parts you would like to have installed. Please include your geographic location in the email.  
Does Modern Horsepower hold any World Records?
  Modern Horsepower holds several World Records including those in various sanctioned racing series, more importantly our customers hold the majority of these records. Please view our performance tuning main page for a sample of some our results. 
How do I become an authorized Modern Horsepower distributer or dealer?
  MHP is always looking for specialized aftermarket businesses to partner with who offer excellent customer service and are interested in carrying, distributing and installing our products.  Interested parties should email their contact information to sales@modernhorsepower.com or through our contact page form. Upon review, one of our senior partners will contact you within 48hrs.
How do MHP aftermarket tuning packages continue to prove results time and time again?
MHP extensively tests its street and race software both at the track and on the dyno.  All DYNO tuning is performed on a Cartec LP AWD DYNO located inside a Wind Tunnel Facility, utilizing fans capable of producing  a true 180mph wind.  This is absolutely necessary to accurately replicate real world airflow and load conditions on a vehicle at speed, allowing us to more precisely remap the engine and/or transmission controller(s).  This is the same DYNO used to test emissions and calibrate vehicles by the OEMs themselves and is considered to be the most accurate DYNO in the world!    
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Does MHP ship internationally?
  Yes, MHP can handle all United States and International requests.
Does Modern Horsepower build or refurbish custom engines?
MHP is not only a supplier of performance tuning and parts, but also builds complete race and street engines both for domestic and international use. Please use our contact page to email us pertaining to your request. Please include pertinent details about the vehicle, including year, make and model, along with any performance upgrades that are currently installed.
Does MHP have any customer testimonials or referrals?
  Please refer to our testimonial page for a brief compilation of other proven results we have delivered to our customers.
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